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Japanese Manufacturer you should know(5): Shibaya

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Hi guys, it is Jane again! So it has come to the 5th article of this series. For more information VANCET, SUNWELL, Uni Textile and Takisada Nagoya please visit here to read the previous articles.

If you are new to the Japanese textile industry, you must be overwhelmed by the number of fabric & accessories manufacturers here. In this series, I will guide you to a list of manufacturers you might come across, hope you can have a glance of the overall market and choose your favourite. 

VANCET and SUNWELL are two big manufacturers that are super popular in Japan. However, international consumers have different tastes. One of the highest demand fabric brands that ApparelX carried is Shibaya. 

Founded in 1907, Shibaya Co., Ltd. mainly focus in textiles and apparel business. Shibaya has a variety of textiles, with more than 850 original products, along with OEM products and manufacturer's standard products. With its own head office in Osaka and two other offices in Tokyo and Shanghai, Shibaya holds their own exhibitions several times a year in Osaka and Tokyo. Osaka Headquarters and Tokyo Sales Office also have in-house showrooms, making it easier for customers to feel the products. 

One of Shibaya's strengths that makes them stand out from other fabrics when it comes to the international market are their commitment to the fabric. Shibaya claims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by making products centered on natural fibers and having the just right amount of inventory. Shibaya's fabrics are made in Japan to keep its origin. 

Let's see what is the most popular fabric from Shibaya on ApparelX, shall we ?

Ventile series 

OS2302 Ventile 40/2 Weather Cloth 


OS2301 Ventile 60/2 Gabardine 

Condura Series

SB3003 CORDURA® Fabric Weather Cloth 

Sun dry Series 

SBY2081 SUNNY DRY Linen Cotton Drill Sun-dried Washer Processing 

What is your favorite Japan manufacturer that you discovered recently? For more Shibaya fabrics, please visit our Shibaya Products List.            

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