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Introducing new international shipping options!

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Dear ApparelX Global members,

Thank you for continuing supporting ApparelX.  

As you may know, the pandemic has a negative impact on many industries, including the logistic industry. Since 2020, most delivery services in Japan have refused to ship to North America, Australia and Russia.

The older delivery fee on the ApparelX system was based on EMS, however EMS Japan no longer ships to those regions above. 

In order to fulfill the demand of international customers, we have been using DHL and other delivery services which cost 2-3 times more than EMS. Up until Feb 2021, 50% to 70% of the delivery fee of every international order was supported by ApparelX.

On March 2021, we decided to updated our shipping systems, introducing 4 of the delivery options below:

  • International Standard : Our recommendation shipping method! 
  • International Economy : A new shipping method to save shipping cost. 
  • International Small Package : New shipping method for small order under 2kg.
  • Combined delivery: To save delivery cost, we will ship your new order and your previous order together.  

The delivery company will change, depending on the shipping location.

We hope you are excited with our new update. If you have any feedback, feel free to contact us at 

Best regards, 

ApparelX Global Team