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List of Japan textile manufacturers you should know (2): SUNWELL

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Hi guys, it is Jane again! If you are new to Japanese textile industry, you must be overwhelmed by the number of fabric & accessories manufacturers here. In this series, I will guide you to a list of manufacturers you might come across, hope you can have a glance of the overall market and choose your favourite.

Besides VANCET, SUNWELL group is also one of the most popular fabric manufacturers on ApparelX. 

Found in October 1966, SUNWELL group offers all kinds of textiles for apparel and for material, apparel products for ladies, men and children,interior fabric sundry goods. 

 SUNWELL group strength is a wide selection of products with over 2000 items and 17000 colors available.  They claim to be “Rich & High Fashion qualities reflecting contemporary market. The great variety of contemporary textile in stock.” Besides 4 offices in Japan, SUNWELL group is expanding globally with offices in China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Some of the popular textile lines of SUNWELL group are Sunlupinus, Reflax, SUNWELL The days fabrics, SUNWELL Basic etc.

Some of the popular textile trademarks from SUNWELL, which one of them is your favourite ? 

Besides well-known textile lines, SUNWELL group has their own fashion lines, including Re.Verofonna, Haupia (women clothing) and SIKAK (environment friendly lifestyle products).

Let see what is the most high demand fabric of SUNWELL on ApparelX, shall we ?  

13456 8W Corduroy

52249 SOLOTEX® Melange 4WAY Stretch

22448 60s French Linen Canvas Washer 

What is your favorite Japan manufacturer that you discovered recently? For more SUNWELL fabrics, please visit our SUNWELL Products List.        


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