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[Australia] International shipping discount: Up to 40% OFF!


Dear ApparelX members,

Thank you for supporting ApparelX.

We are pleased to announce a reduction in shipping charges for standard delivery to Australia.

Since the launch of ApparelX Global in October 2020, we have received great feedback and support from our customers and have earned a strong reputation from various companies and brands in the apparel industry.

In order to give our Australian customers the best service, ApparelX will be lowering its shipping rates for standard delivery in Australia starting May 25, 2022.

Details are as follows. 

Up to 5KG: approx. 40% OFF 

5.1KG -10KG: approx. 30% to 35% OFF

10.1KG - 30KG: approx. 40% OFF

Over 30.1KG: approx. 35% to 40% OFF(If the package capacity is too large, the scope of price reductions may be limited. )

***For the exact quote, please visit ApparelX Checkout Page. 

We look forward to your continuing support.

Best regards,