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GUIDE | List of Delivery Days


We are now doing our best to introduce our guide pages regarding our products, services, prices, and delivery methods. Please wait for some more time.

This time, we explain our International Standard Delivery. We use EMS, which is the service provided by Japanese largest postal company, available worldwide. The standard delivery days are the following:

Area Country/Area name Express Mail Service (EMS)
Average number of days
Asia India 3
Indonesia 4
Vietnam 6
Rep. of Korea Details
Singapore 2
Sri Lanka 3
Thailand 3
Taiwan 2
China Details
Hong Kong Details
Pakistan 6
Bangladesh 8
Philippines (“Manila and Other Territories”*)
(* “Manila and Other Territories” are those that are listed under Second Zone in the list of “EMS Countries and Areas”.)
Philippines (Other Territories) 9
Malaysia 3
Oceania Australia Details
New Zealand 4
North America Canada (Vancouver) 3
Canada (Montreal) 3
United States of America Details
Mexico 4
Middle East United Arab Emirates 4
Israel 5
Iran 4
Saudi Arabia 6
Turkey 5
Europe Italy 4
United Kingdom 2
Austria 2
Netherlands 2
Switzerland 2
Sweden 4
Spain 3
Denmark 2
Germany 3
Hungary 2
Finland 3
France 2
Belgium 5
Poland 3
Russian Federation 4
Africa Egypt 5
Ghana 4
South America Argentina 4
Brazil 4
Peru 3

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