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Catlight ® Technology : A photocatalyst coating and antibacterial fabric that is perfect for masks.

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Japan is famous for its technology and innovation. Of course there will be such shame if we forget about innovation in Japan's textile industry. Everybody has heard about Uniqlo Heattech or Airism UV cut, but those are not all of Japan's Functioning Fabric. Every season, manufacturers all over Japan come up with newer and crazier textile technology. Since there is so little information in English about these on the internet, in this series, I will guide you through a list of famous Functioning Fabric in Japan. 

 As the demand for masks increases, hygienic functional materials and antibacterial material for cloth masks are attracting attention.Beside the shining star Cleanze® , there is a fabric called CatLight® that also matches every criteria for making cloth masks.   

What is Catlight®? 

Catlight ® is a photocatalyst coating fabric created by integrating Tokai Senko's original technology and V-CAT ® technology of Toyota Central R & D Labs., Inc. With this technology, Catlight fabric is able to respond to the light of the environment.  

Special features of Catlight®

In photocatalytic process, Catlight fabric is able to: 

  • Decompose protein in sweat and sebum 
  • Antibacterial 
  • Deodorant 

Catlight® technology is effective in UV rays as well as in fluorescent lights. Since this photocatalyst uses nano-level fine particles, it does not affect the texture of the fabric.  

Outstanding mask materials 

Of course this is what we are all waiting for. The actual effectiveness of Catlight fabric when used as masks material. 

Catlight is suitable to use for the outer layer because of its photocatalytic. since it decomposes dirt and deodorizes, it has antibacterial function, and is extremely hygienic. Moreover, Catlight fabric can be washed and reused, so you don't have to worry about Catlight losing its characteristic. 

Antibacterial technology but not antiviral finish 

One thing to note is that Catlight is not an antiviral finish fabric, therefore it is recommended to use as an outer layer of the mask instead of the inner layer, which the fabric directly touches the mouth. 

List of Catlight® fabrics available on ApparelX

 Let’s take a look at Catlight fabrics list, shall we?    

Type Product Material/Thichness
Fabric 10701 Catlight® 60S Combed Lawn Cotton 100%/Lawn
Fabric 10706 Catlight® CM40 Typewritter Cloth Cotton 100%/Typewritter
Fabric 10707 Catlight® Ripstop Cotton 100%/Rib
Fabric 10709 Catlight® 20S Twill Cotton 100%/Twill
Fabric 10710 Catlight® T / C Color Denim Cotton 100%/Denim
Fabric 10711 Catlight® 10s Drill Cotton 100%/266g / ㎡
Fabric 10712Catlight® 20/16 Oxford Cotton 100%/194g / ㎡
Fabric 10713 Catlight® 30S Combed Burberry Cotton 100%/166g / ㎡


Cloth masks are said to be less effective than traditional medical masks when it comes to preventing transferring virus. However in terms of cost effective and environmental friendly, I still prefer the traditional cloth masks over one-time-use masks. Photocatalyst coating fabric is incredible, but there are more textile innovations that I can't wait to share. What is your favorite functional fabric that you discovered recently? For more functional fabrics, please visit our Functional Products Page.   

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