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Bemberg Lining: Things you should know about luxurious cupro.

Asahi Kasei
Functional Textile

Most of us might know the best option for lining is cupro. The most precious cupro that is lightweight, breathable and has a silky touch is actually produced in Japan. So what is this lining and how does it have such great functionality? Let’s find out together.

Bemberg was invented in 1918 and named after J.P.Bemberg, a German fiber manufacturer. Even though it was invented by German, until now, only Japanese manufacturer Asahi Kasei is still producing Bemberg. 

Bemberg fiber is made from unused cotton linter and is transformed into pure regenerated fiber. The advantage of a natural fibre is that it wicks sweat and humidity away from our body. However, with the advantage of technology, Bemberg fiber is very fine and does not have the non-uniformity of thickness that normally found in natural fiber. That is why even though Bemberg is made from cotton, it is much more comfortable than regular cotton. 

Another characteristic of Bemberg is that it is a biodegradable fabric. It also has low environmental impact when burned since Bemberg produces less toxic substances. Overall Bemberg is qualified for the sustainability catalog. 

Silky and luster, excellent moisture absorption and temperature regulation, because of Bemberg's distinguishing characteristics, it is used by many high end fashion brands like Armani or Hugo Boss. 

Co-operated with Asahi Kasei, ApparelX developed a series of original Bemberg Cupro Linings. It was popular among ApparelX members all over the globe, and I think you may be interested too!

Excy Jacquard Vol.3 with AKX 100, AKX 200 and AKX 300 included. 

Excy Jacquard Vol.2 with AKX 400, AKX 500 and AKX600W.


AKX100 Paisley Pattern Luxury Jacquard Lining

AKX200  Diamond Pattern Luxury Jacquard Lining


AKX300 Clover Pattern Luxury Jacquard Lining

AKX400 NEW Floral Jacquard Bemberg 100% Lining EXCY Original 

AKX500 NEW Camouflage Jacquard Bemberg 100% Lining EXCY Original

AKX600W NEW Box Pattern Jacquard Bemberg 100% Lining EXCY Original

We hope this helps you get a overall look about Bemberg Lining. For more Bemberg fabrics, please visit our Asahi Kasei Products Page.        

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