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ApparelX global expansion: The releasing of ApparelX Global ™

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“From Japan to the world. From the world to Japan. Bringing the world together.”

 ApparelX proudly announces that we have developed and released ApparelX Global™, a cross border E-commerce solution to make the global apparel industry a better place. During the past, ApparelX has received a warm welcome from international customers including the US, Australia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, China and Korea. As a gratitude to customers who have always supported ApparelX, we decided to release ApparelX Global™ to bring the best service for worldwide ApparelX’s users. ApparelX Global has launched the worldwide version in English and localized E-commerce sites for China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

ApparelX Global™’s concept 

 ApparelX Global™ is a global apparel sourcing platform that aims to: 

  •  Exporting Japan products to international market
  •  Importing international products to Japan 
  •  Creating a true global network for the apparel industry by opening office branches, warehouses and building distribution channels in each country. 

 ApparelX Global™ Features

  •  Multi-language - ApparelX is using a unique AI translation technology to handle terminology of the apparel industry and double checks the translation with native speakers. Currently ApparelX Global is available in five languages: English, Chinese (traditional/simplified), Vietnamese, and Korean. Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi will be available soon. 
  •  Multi-currency - Including U.S. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Chinese Yuan, new Taiwanese Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Vietnamese Dong, Won and Japanese Yen. The currency list will be expanded in the next phase. 
  •  International Shipping - Right now ApparelX is co-operate with EMS, DHL, UGX, and OCS to create a fast and flexible delivery service for our international customers.
  •  Internationalize, multicultural business:ApparelX Global team including several members from different countries - ApparelX provides fast and accurate responses for email inquiries and Zoom business negotiations in English, Chinese and Vietnamese. 
  •  A network for not only customers, but also suppliers.ApparelX is constantly looking for business partners to join the ApparelX community. ApparelX Business Matching was a big success in Japan and has connected many businesses in the industry together. 
  •  ApparelX other projects include: ApparelX Global Business Matching, ERP Services for exporting and importing, Global Youtube channel, ApparelX Global News, ApparelX Global Blog, attending international fair and exhibitions. 

"ApparelX- Changing apparel material and accessories procurement process"


Developed and operated by Okura Shoji Co., Ltd., with the idea of ​​"Changing apparel material and accessories procurement process", ApparelX is a site where you can order all apparel textile, trims and accessories at once, going beyond the boundaries of location and distribution channels. ApparelX has been welcomed by many apparel manufacturers and accessory factories, with the number of registered companies exceeding 4,700. There have been many inquiries for Japanese fabric from over the world, so we decided to develop an Ecommerce site that supports the languages ​​and currencies of different countries to introduce Japan's finest products worldwide. Besides bringing Japan products to the world, in the future, we aim to be the network where overseas textile, trims and accessories can be easily purchased in Japan. Finally ApparelX will be a service which users all over the world can procure goods from any country, regardless of languages and borders. 

 ApparelX Global™ project


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