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JFW Japan Creation and Premium Textile Japan (Autumn/Winter 2021)

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Japan Creation
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 Hi guys, my name is Jane and I am the editor of ApparelX Global Official Blog! Last time I introduced you guys about big fashion and textile events in Japan year around, hope you still remember those! This time let me walk you through an event that got the most attention in the Japan fashion industry: JFW Japan Creation & Premium Textile Japan Autumn/ Winter 2021. 

 JFW Japan Creation 2021

 Japan Creation is an event that gathers not only fabric manufacturers but also fashion designers, brands and fashion students all over Japan. There are not only fabric exhibitions, the next year trends topic and color, but also including fashion catwalk shows and displaying fashion designers work. 

 This year guide & introduction 

Let’s divide in and take a look at the 2021 AW trend, shall we? 


極みの美 - Ultimate Beauty 


破天荒の美 - Borderless Beauty 

 精霊の美 - Supernatural Beauty 


慣わしの美 - Conventional Beauty 


Overall, next season’s theme is said as a tonal session comprising high-grade palettes, sophisticated chromatic blending and coloristic power, with premium feel but still reflecting textural feel and sense.

Premium Textile Japan AW 2021

Right next to Japan Creation is Premium Textile Japan. People are often confused between these two, but Premium Textile is exclusive to buyers only, with various famous fabric brands and manufacturers from all over Japan and the world. In a way, you can think of Japan Creation as an exhibition while Premium Textile is a trade fair. 

 Japan is extremely strict with their no photo rule, but after asking permission from ApparelX's business partners, I was able to sneak peak some photos for ApparelX Blog’s readers. For more details, please check out our youtube channel, Weekly ApparelX! We did manage to have a quick interview with an Premium Textile exhibitor.

 No surprise that sustainable and eco friendly products are extremely popular. Every exhibitor has their own version of new sustainable collection. 


SHINDO's booth

Sasaki Sellm's booth

Shibaya's booth

 The quality of recycle fabrics will change depend on the sources of the material. Do know that there is a color different between PET bottle from Japan (pure white) and PET bottle from oversea (slightly brown)? 

Last year I attended JFW Japan Creation as a fashion student. However this year, after joining ApparelX’s team, my main playground became Premium Textile. Of course due the COVID-19 crisis, the size was reduced significantly compared to last time, but I am glad that I was still able to participate in such a big event. 

 JFW Japan Creation 2021 and Premium Textile Japan AW 2021 

Dates : 2020, November 18 (Wed) - 19 (Thu) 10:00AM~6:00PM 

 Venue : Tokyo International Forum Exhibition 

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