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How to use ApparelX - A complete guide for ApparelX Global business partners (1)

How to

 *For a brief explanation of ApparelX, please visit our Service Outline page.*

 If you are urging to get your hand on Japanese high quality garment and textile, but still have some confusions regarding where to start or how ApparelX works, then this article is for you! 

Account registration

 Why do I have to register to see the price? 

 ApparelX is a corporate- site for members only. If a company's rank rises due to sales results or mass order, the company will be offered a more affordable price. Special price for special customers, that's why you should register for ApparelX!

After log in, you can also check the item stock status. We update our stock frequently, so set your mind at rest.

 I heard ApparelX has multiple currencies and languages, why do I only see English and USD? 

 Please change your language and currency setting! It is on the top right corner of ApparelX page. However, you can only change this setting after register.

Right under your cart and Mr.Excy is the Language and Currency Setting. 

Language Option

Currency Option

After changing Global Setting, your cart will update automatically. In this photo, I have just changed my language and currency right before checking out. 

 For countries and regions sites, please scroll down to the very bottom. This way, even if you are not logged in, you still able change your language and currency. 

Coutries and region sites list

ApparelX China

ApparelX Vietnam

 What is a two-level account? How does it work?

 The registration page requires 2 types of information. For first time users, it can be confusing. Once your company is registered, you and your college can use the same account. One (corporate) account can have multiple users, making it easier for corporations when it comes to sharing and managing information. 

My account with ApparelX logo on top

 (To be continued)    
Part 2: Solo Proprietors, Cutting fee, Combined delivery and so on.