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Popular fabric for autumn & winter


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Fabrics are given various names in addition to the weaving method and material. In this article, I'd like to introduce you to some of the popular fabrics on ApparelX that are often used for autumn and winter items. 


It's no exaggeration to say that corduroy is a standard fabric for fall and winter. Corduroy is characterized by a structure woven in such a way as to produce fluff in the weft, with cord-like uneven ridges in the warp. After weaving, the weft yarn is cut to make fluff. Because of its raised surface, it is widely used for pants, skirts, and jackets in autumn and winter. 

Recently, corduroy with very thick ridges has also been used for pants. Corduroy has a rather casual impression, but thick ridges have a strong impact, while thin ridges give a more elegant style. 


Velvet is a fabric unique to autumn and winter, with a smooth fluffy surface and a luster that changes depending on the angle. It is often used for loungewear, but recently it has become common to see it in women's fashion pants and dresses. 

 This unique texture is created by using a weaving method called "fresh pile weaving" to create a pile (a ring on the surface of the fabric due to the weaving method), and then cutting the pile to cover the surface with fluff. 

 The Latin word "velvetum," meaning "hairy," is said to be the origin of the name "velvet. Velvet is also called "velvet," which comes from the Portuguese word "velludo," which means the same thing. 


Flannel is a soft, woolen fabric that has been raised to give it a fluffy texture. 

Flannel refers to a slightly thicker fabric, which has more elasticity and bounce to it. This is why it is often used for suits and blazers. 


Mosser is a woolen fabric with a slightly fluffy surface.

 The name "mosser" is derived from the moss-like surface. Mosser has a shaggy texture., and then the fluff is trimmed short and bristled to create a moss-like surface. 

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